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24/7 Fast Response Monitoring by Trained Professionals

Professional safety-trained dispatchers from ADT operate six-interconnected monitoring centers. An ADT dispatcher will contact local authorities in the event of an emergency. ADT’s advanced network of monitoring centers operates around-the-clock, helping to provide support every second of every day. With an ADT monitored alarm system installed in your Colorado Springs CO home, you can feel the peace of mind of knowing America’s #1 home security provider is behind you. Home Security in Lakewood helps you relax and keep safe. Help defend yourself today with Home Security in Denver.

Low Monthly Monitoring Fees

ADT is here for you during this tough economic time. Through Home Security Colorado Springs, you can get ADT’s basic monitoring package for only $36.99 per month, which is only about a dollar a day. In addition, for an extra few dollars, you can receive the most popular package, which includes two-way voice. It actually costs you more to own a family watch dog. contact us today for more information on ADT's unbeatable packages. Get Home Security in Littleton and experience safety. There is also monitored Home Security in Broomfield.

FREE* $850 Home Security System

*With $99 customer installation charge and purchase of alarm monitoring.

You can also find more information on a home security system at Home Security in West Jordan. ADT offers free home security systems valued at $850 to customers who sign a 36-month agreement. This is just another reason to buy ADT through Home Security Colorado Springs, as the average individual ends up staying with the same security company for about eight years! After a simple $99 activation fee, you can have your system installed free by ADT’s professional certified technicians.

Easy-to-Use Security System

ADT has designed its security systems to be as straightforward, and easy-to-use, as possible. When you get your new home security system, you will receive a keychain remote, which allows you to enable and disable your system with just the click of a button. When your system is professionally installed, everything you will need is conveniently located in the system’s control panel for easy access. Reading more about ADT monitored home security systems is easy at Home Security in Boise. More benefits of an ADT monitored home security system can be found at Home Security in Albuquerque.

ADT Home Security Colorado Springs Packages

  Two-way Voice Package Basic Package with Keyfob Cell Primary Package
*or approved digital service.
**phone line not required.
Door / Window Sensors 3 3 3
Motion Sensor 1 1 1
Keyfob 1 1 1
Two-Way Voice Yes No No
Landline Required* Yes Yes No
Built-in Cell Device** No No Yes
Setup Fee $99 $99 $Call for Details
Monthly Rates $42.99 $36.99 $Call for Details

ADT's Two-Way Voice

The two-way voice system is ADT’s most popular home security package. ADT’s two-way voice system is a great answer to all your security needs, especially if you have a disabled or elderly individual living in your Colorado Springs CO home. The two-way voice system puts you in contact with an ADT dispatcher from up to 75 feet away, giving you complete home security for any situation. With the two-way voice package, you will:

  • Receive cutting-edge technology
  • Communicate with a live ADT dispatcher directly
  • Get hands-free control
  • Receive a 75-foot range away from your control panel
  • Only need to use your normal talking voice

Home security systems are extremely useful, check out Home Security in Santa Fe. If a break-in occurs, using the system’s intercom, which is 7 times more sensitive than a baby monitor, an ADT dispatcher can hear the sounds of an intruder. Such verification may lead to faster response times. After all, 75% of disabling injuries, and over half of deaths from injury, happen at home (National Safety Council).

A great resource for home burglar alarms is Home Security in Amarillo. If you have been injured and are immobile, you still have the ability to get help using the control panel, which acts as an intercom with clarity up to 75 feet. Contact us now to get your free ADT security system, worth over $850.You can also find more information on a home security system at Home Security in Salt Lake City.

ADT Benefits

You will receive some popular ADT benefits through Home Security Colorado Springs including ADT’s 3 guarantees*, fast response monitoring, and everything that makes ADT the number one home security provider in the nation. Get local support in Colorado Springs Colorado.

Save Money with ADT's 3 Guarantees*

  1. May save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance
  2. Six-month money back guarantee
  3. May receive up to $500 on your insurance deductible in the rare event of a break-in

General Home Security Tips

  • Do Not Leave Extra Keys under Doormats
    Do not leave extra keys under doormats, potted plants or any other obvious outdoor location. Thieves will generally find them. Hide the keys in place that is not too obvious, or give a set to a trusty neighbor.
  • Talk with a Locksmith
    For doors that have windows (or windowed frames) find different options to standard deadbolts. Talk with a locksmith to see what is available.
  • Reinforce Doorframes
    Reinforce doorframes and place multiple locks on all outside doors.
  • Garage Doors
    With multiple locks and bracing, treat inside garage doors the same as an outside door.
  • Mark Your Possessions
    Etch your name on expensive electronic equipment; this lets the police easily identify them, and it makes it harder for criminals to sell them. Write down the serial numbers, or record them on a video. Entitle the video “Family Vacation,” and then give a copy of the paper or video to a relative or friend.

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